Greenwoods Trail Study
Greenwoods Path Feasibility Study

The Towns of New Hartford and Barkhamsted have been studying the feasibility of improving the existing trail between New Hartford’s Village Center and Pleasant Valley as a means to better connect these neighboring communities.  The improved path through the MDC’s Greenwoods Property would allow for easier hiking, and possibly biking, but would not be a paved “rails-to-trails” bike trail.  Since tourism is a big element of our respective economic development, connecting the two villages plus Riverton to the north and Collinsville to the east would help promote both towns.  To-date, all efforts have been through volunteers and no town funds have been expended.

The towns’ Selectmen, Economic Development Commissions, Conservation Commission, representatives from the MDC, the Farmington River Watershed Association and the Farmington River Coordinating Committee, the CT DEEP, plus other interested parties have been involved in the process.  Additional stakeholders to be consulted are the fisherman and hunters who traditionally have used the area.  No definitive location for the path has yet been set.  Once a path is plotted that appears to be environmentally sound and cost effective, all residents of the two towns will be brought into the process and all of the regulatory requirements will be addressed, including negotiating a right-of-way through the MDC property.  Assuming the path is approved by all needed participants, the towns would then seek funds to move forward.  It should be noted that should any of the approvals not be obtained, the process would stop.

Agenda  - January 21, 2015

Minutes - January 21, 2015

Agenda - March 30, 2015

Minutes - March 30, 2015

Agenda - September 1, 2015

MInutes - September 1, 2015

Presentation - November 16, 2015


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