Boards and Commissions

The Town of Barkhamsted uses a system of Boards and Commissions to provide a way for residents to participate in making certain decisions which effect the Town. In a small town like Barkhamsted the volunteers who generously donate their time to serve on the various Boards and commissions play a vital role in the way the town is run. Serving on a Board or Commission can be a rewarding experience for community residents. If you are interested in filling any vacancies, please contact the Town Clerk by calling (860) 379-8665.



Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes
 TitleModified DateSize 
May 7, 20157/23/2015108.62 KBDownload
April 2, 20157/23/201589.65 KBDownload
March 5, 20157/23/201570.91 KBDownload
December 4, 20147/23/2015197.59 KBDownload
October 2, 20147/23/201537.44 KBDownload
July 20157/9/201566.69 KBDownload
February 5, 20152/11/201582.55 KBDownload
January 12, 20151/20/201562.35 KBDownload
Nov.6, 201412/4/201498.28 KBDownload
Sept. 4, 201412/4/201497.60 KBDownload
July 10, 20148/7/2014100.41 KBDownload
June 5, 20148/5/2014102.26 KBDownload
May 1, 20145/5/201494.83 KBDownload
March 6, 20144/7/2014198.03 KBDownload
April 3, 20144/7/201492.76 KBDownload
Feb. 6, 20142/10/201492.04 KBDownload
Nov. 7, 20131/17/2014170.82 KBDownload
Dec. 5, 201312/9/201390.85 KBDownload
Oct. 3, 201310/8/201390.70 KBDownload
Sept. 5, 20139/17/201390.65 KBDownload
August 1, 20138/9/20138.68 KBDownload


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