Barkhamsted Inland Wetlands Commission
Boards and Commissions

The Town of Barkhamsted uses a system of Boards and Commissions to provide a way for residents to participate in making certain decisions which effect the Town. In a small town like Barkhamsted the volunteers who generously donate their time to serve on the various Boards and commissions play a vital role in the way the town is run. Serving on a Board or Commission can be a rewarding experience for community residents. If you are interested in filling any vacancies, please contact the Town Clerk by calling (860) 379-8665.

Barkhamsted Inland Wetlands Commission


John R. Greaser,  Chairman - Term 1/1/17 to 12/31/18

Christopher S. Tooker,  Board Member - Term 1/1/17 to 12/31/18

Frederick Reeder,  Board Member - Term 1/1/16 to 12/31/17

Linda L. Ganem,   Board Member - Term 1/1/16  to 12/31/17

Martha J. Sullivan,  Board Member - Term 1/1/17 to 12/31/18

H. Thomas Nelson, Board Member  - Term  1/1/16  to 12/31/17

Anthony Gorman,  Board Member - Term - 1/1/16  to 12/31/17

Jonathan Simon, alternate member - Term 10/12/16 to 12/31/17

Carmen Smith, alternate member - Term 1/1/17 to 12/31/18

Barkhamsted Inland Wetlands Commission meets at 7:00 PM the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Town hall.

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