Town Hall Vegetable Garden

We are looking for families or any group with kids to help water & tend the garden. This is a great opportunity to teach young people about community involvement, gardening, life cycles, food production, sustainability & so much more.
We would love it if your group would sign up for a week at a time & split the time amongst yourselves in whatever way works for you.
If you'd like to help water, please sign up through If you sign up during harvest time (at least 20 weeks beginning in June) you can celebrate the bounty of the earth, bring it to the poor, make a meal for seniors or preschoolers or your youth group and discuss science, nutrition, etc. or just eat it with your family!

Who we are -

Idea grew out of interest in greening the school - was one of many options for green activities. We include parents, grandparents, Barkhamsted citizens, a school teacher (Regional 7). We are open to all, especially youth and children. The project will be a town garden.
Who we want to benefit -
Primarily - Barkhamsted children/youth - potentially Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, 4-H, Regional 7- Ag  through the experience of doing it, they will learn. Secondarily - parents/grandparents, teachers, seniors - through their participation.
The majority of the produce from the garden will go to the Food Pantry. Families/groups who participate in the project will then vote on dispersal of the remainder.
What we want to do and where -
Make a straw bale garden tipi on the little hill behind (south of) Town Hall, east of the arbor.

For the latest information, please check our blog at


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