Recreation Needs Committee
Recreation Needs Committee


In fall 2010, the Board of Finance requested that an informal study be performed to create a plan for recreational needs, essentially a “plan of development”. This plan was to include land, facilities, meeting space, or other needs for the various youth and adult recreation programs in town.
To accomplish that goal, a group was formed that included many of the leaders of the various recreational organizations in town.  This committee met in December 2010 and January 2011 to respond to the Board of Finance request.


  • Don Stein
  • Dave Moulton
  • Karen Cersoli
  • Jeff Linton
  • Dawn Bobinski
  • Jeff Dombrowski
  • Chris Dropick
  • Gabriele Bertel
  • Julie Sullivan
  • Dan Pinton
  • Donna Labbe
  • Ted McDonald


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