Barkhamsted Building & Zoning Department
Building & Zoning

Building Official: Jerry Waters
Administrator: Debra Brydon
Zoning and Inland/Wetlands Officer: Debra Brydon

Tree Warden: Debra Brydon   03/04/2016 to 03/03/2018

Phone: 860-379-1314
Fax: 860-379-6262

Building Official: 860-379-7946

Building and Zoning Hours:
Monday: 9am - 4pm
Tuesday: 9am - 4pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 9am - 4pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

Building Official Hours:
Monday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Wednesday:  8:30am - 11:30am 

Thursday: 8:30am - 12:30pm


The Building and Zoning Department is responsible for all building permits, including, roofing and siding, wood stoves, LP gas permits, demolition permits, pools, electrical, plumbing, heating and mechanical, chimneys, replacement doors and windows, new furnaces and sheds.

The Zoning Department is responsible for all variance applications, special exceptions, home based businesses, subdivisions, re-subdivisions, signs, driveway permits and all inland/wetlands applications.


Be it ordained, by the Town of Barkhamsted, that the following schedule of fees shall be established for application before the Barkhamsted Building

Department, pursuant to Connecticut general states 8-1c:

1.  Residential demolition - $15.00 Other demolition - $10.00 per thousand cost

2.  Tent - $25.00

3.  Roofing - $10.00 per thousand (roof valued at $100 per square), minimum of $20.00

4.  Mechanical permit (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) - $10.00 per thousand cost,  minimum of $20.00

5.  Certificate of occupancy - $20.00

6.  Building permit - $10.00 per thousand value, minimum of $20.00.  Value of new construction to be determined by table shown below.  PLEASE INCLUDE .26 CENTS PER THOUSAND (STATE OF CONNECTICUT FEE)

      1.  Residential each floor - $100.00 per square foot

      2.  Accessory buildings (sheds; etc.) - $35.00 per square foot

      3.  Garages - $50.00 per square foot

      4.  Decks - $25.00 per square foot

      5.  Open porch - $35.00 per square foot

      6.  Screened porch - $40.00 per square foot

      7.  Assembly - $188.00 per square foot

      8.  Business - $145.00 per square foot

      9.  Mercantile - $105.00 per square foot

    10.  Factory/Industrial - $85.00 per square foot

    11.  Institutional - $250.00 per square foot

    12.  High Hazard - $100.00 per square foot

    13.  Pools, fencing, remodeling, siding, alterations by actual value, determined by building official

    14.  Fireplaces - 1 story - $6000.00, 2 story - $7500.00, additional openings - $800.00

    15.  Mechanical permits (new construction)

          a.  Electrical - $6.00 per square foot living area

          b.  Heating - $8.00 per square foot living area

          c.  Electric heat - $4.00 per square foot living area

          d.  Air conditioning - $6.00 per square foot living area

          e.  Plumbing - $1000.00 per extra fixture (above three fixtures)

    16.  Sign Permit:  $25.00

 “After the fact” permit fee – Effective July 1, 2007, any individual, homeowner, or contractor commencing work without first obtaining an approved building permit will be subject to a fine of double the standard permit fee.  Fines will be imposed at the discretion of the Town Building Official, and the Building Official will have the option of determining the project cost.

This ordinance shall supersede any other schedule of fees otherwise adopted by the Building Department, or provided for by statute for these building applications.

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