Very Important Notice for Barkhamsted Taxpayers

During a normal year, the Connecticut legislature passes a two-year budget that defines the amount of municipal aid that the State will provide to the towns and cities. This aid is used to support the local schools, provide funds for road improvements or capital projects, or supplement the town taxes.

Unfortunately, during the current legislative session, the Governor and the legislators could not agree on a budget, and as you are probably aware, there is a significant deficit in the State budget (approximately $5 billion over the two-year period).

When the Town passed its budget for the coming fiscal year, the Board of Finance set the mill rate based on their best estimates for municipal aid revenue as of May 9 (the date of the Town Meeting).  Therefore, the amount of revenue from the State of Connecticut indicated on your tax bill is subject to change, since the state budget was not adopted at the time your tax bill was printed.

The implications for this situation are that the Town may need to adjust your tax levy or send out a supplemental tax bill to address any changes in municipal aid once the state budget is adopted. 

We know the Legislature’s and Governor’s failure to adopt a budget prior to the start of our fiscal year may present a major problem for local taxpayers, and we are doing everything in our power to pressure them to complete their work. We cannot be more precise than this, as there is no real information available from our State government, but be assured that the town will look at all options prior to implementing a supplemental tax.

We will attempt to keep you informed and will alert you to any change in this situation as it develops. Future updates will be made on the town website, Facebook page and through the town email (you can sign up for the email in the lower right corner of our homepage: barkhamsted.us).

Town of Barkhamsted Website Design & Development

The Town of Barkhamsted is seeking to update its website.  Please click here for the RFP.

June is Dog Licensing Month

Holly Krouse, Barkhamsted Town Clerk, would like to remind all dog owners that per CT State Statute 22-338, all dogs aged 6 months and older must be licensed each year during the month of June. Bring the spaying/neutering certificate and an updated rabies certificate with you if necessary. Fees are $8.00 for spayed/neutered dogs and $19.00 for unspayed/unneutered dogs.  Licenses can also be renewed via mail by sending a check made out to Barkhamsted Town Clerk, 67 Ripley Hill Road, Barkhamsted, CT 06063, along with any necessary documentation. A self-addressed, postage paid envelope must also be included for return of the license and tag. Office hours are Mon., Tues. and Thurs. 9-4, Wed. 9-5 and Fri. 9-12. If you have any questions call (860) 379-8665. See you this month!

Barkhamsted East VFD introduces new Facebook Page

The Barkhamsted East Volunteer Fire Department has launched a Facebook Page - Barkhamsted East Volunteer Fire Company #1.  Click here for the link.

Recreation Fall Soccer

Hello Northwest Connecticut Recreational Soccer League Families!

We are happy to announce that due to the great success Barkhamsted Soccer had last year with the addition of a newly implemented website and on-line registration process, we have extended our reach, increased our capabilities, and enhanced some of our features (like mobile access, text messaging, and merged calendars).  We are also happy to be able to include and welcome all of the towns involved in youth soccer.  This is a consorted effort of the unification of the towns of Barkhamsted, Colebrook, Hartland, Norfolk, and Winsted that make up our soccer league now called Northwest Connecticut Recreational Soccer League (NCTRSL).  Our goal is to bring our towns together via a co-operative website and registration that will hopefully increase your enjoyment of the season; allow stress-free access to information, schedules, and other people; ease communication by sending reminders as well as instant notification messages/texts; shared and coordinated cross-town certified referees, rules, & code of conduct; and to streamline the entire leagues’ administration within and across all the towns.

Here is a url to use to get to the home page or another to the registration page:  www.nctrsl.com or  http://nctrsl.siplay.com/site/ClientSite/article/1599449 

Please click here for the full flyer with details of registration and other league facts 


Click here for the 2017 Brochure and Swim Lesson Schedule

Route 179 Repaving

The CT Department of Transportation has started work on this year's project to resurface Route 179 from the intersection with Route 219 south to the intersection with Route 309 in Canton.  They plan to fully reclaim the area from the northern intersection down to just past the Barkhamsted East Firehouse, and then will do a mill and overlay the remainder of the distance to the intersection with 309. 

Similar to last year, the section being reclaimed may be rough and have sharp rocks uncovered, which can cause flat tires. If you do not live on that stretch of road, you can avoid it by using Hillcrest Drive, and then you will only have to use 179 through the section being milled, which is much less hazardous to your vehicle.

DOT is currently working on catch basin repairs and replacements, but the re-paving probably won't start until July.  If anything changes, we will keep you informed.


 Please click here for the most current RRDD1 Flyer 

Municipal Elections - November 7, 2017

The Town will be having municipal elections this November for positions on the elected Boards and Commissions.  To review available openings, please click on the link below, which lists the openings, the length of the term and the start date for the positions, and whether there are any requirements that the positions be filled from one political party or the other. 

Please contact Juliana Simone, the Republican Town Chair (
julianasimone@charter.net), or Matt Kelly, the Democratic Town Chair (mjkone2@aol.com), if you wish to be nominated by one of the political parties.  If you are unaffiliated, please contact our Town Clerk, Holly Krouse, (hkrouse@barkhamsted.us) to learn about the procedure for petitioning
onto the ballot.

 read more ...

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The Town is in the process of updating its Plan of Conservation and Development, which must be completed by 2017.  As part of this activity, there will be public meetings to review related topics; and a survey will be sent to residents to get their opinions on how they envision the future of the Town.  We have also set up a webpage that will keep you updated on our progress on this important initiative.  Please click here to go to that webpage.  

This website is designed to work best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  If you are using Internet Explorer some pages may be inaccessible.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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The Board of Selectmen is interested in receiving feedback on issues you feel are important.  Please call the First Selectman's office at (860) 379-8285 or send an e-mail to dstein@barkhamsted.us.

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