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After Thanksgiving Holiday Hike and Pot Luck!  (NEW)

Join us as we hike the historic and scenic Jesse Gerrard Trail at People's Forest on Sunday, November 29 at 1 p.m..  Walk off some of your holiday feast as we hike to one of the most beautiful views overlooking the Farmington River. Please dress appropriately with proper gear, this will be a moderately strenuous hike but well worth it! Families are welcome. We will also enjoy a "Pot Luck" snack together as we take a break at the beautiful Overlook. Please bring water and your favorite "pot luck" snack to share. Hot Chocolate/dessert will be provided. Please RSVP by Saturday, November 28 to Donna Bastrzycki- barkhamstedrec@barkhamsted.us This will be a hike led jointly by the Barkhamsted Recreation Department, and Farmington River Steward and FALPS. Please meet at the parking area across from the Jesse Gerrard Trail head on East River Road at 1 p.m. on November 29. Car pooling is recommended. 

Hike Description:
Jessie Gerard Trail (Yellow): Starts at East River Road near the old Indian Settlement known as Barkhamsted Lighthouse. The right trail fork goes through the lighthouse site and continues northerly to the Chaugham Lookouts. The left trail fork climbs more directly to the overlooks by 299 stone steps. The views from this area are some of the best in the state. Continuing north, the trail passes between the Veeder Boulders to the picnic area on Greenwoods Road. Distance - 1.3 miles.

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      Barkhamsted Rec. Ski Program 2016  

      Creative Crafters Christmas Workshop


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Greenwoods Path Feasibility Study

The Towns of New Hartford and Barkhamsted have been studying the feasibility of improving the existing trail between New Hartford’s Village Center and Pleasant Valley as a means to better connect these neighboring communities.  The improved path through the MDC’s Greenwoods Property would allow for easier hiking, and possibly biking, but would not be a paved “rails-to-trails” bike trail.  Since tourism is a big element of our respective economic development, connecting the two villages plus Riverton to the north and Collinsville to the east would help promote both towns.  To-date, all efforts have been through volunteers and no town funds have been expended.

The Towns’ Selectmen, Economic Development Commissions, Conservation Commission, representatives from the MDC, the Farmington River Watershed Association and the Farmington River Coordinating Committee, the CT DEEP, plus other interested parties have been involved in the process.  Additional stakeholders to be consulted are the fisherman and hunters who traditionally have used the area.  No definitive location for the path has yet been set.  Once a path is plotted that appears to be environmentally sound and cost effective, all residents of the two towns will be brought into the process and all of the regulatory requirements will be addressed, including negotiating a right-of-way through the MDC property.  Assuming the path is approved by all needed participants, the towns would then seek funds to move forward.  It should be noted that should any of the approvals not be obtained, the process would stop.

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Barkhamsted Townhall
Barkhamsted Town Hall
67 Ripley Hill Road ~ P.O. Box 558
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(860) 379-8285

The Town is in the process of updating its Plan of Conservation and Development, which must be completed by 2017.  As part of this activity, there will be public meetings to review related topics; and a survey will be sent to residents to get their opinions on how they envision the future of the Town.  We have also set up a webpage that will keep you updated on our progress on this important initiative.  Please click here to go to that webpage.  

As a first step, we have put together a preliminary survey to gather residents' opinions on the Town.This will help us set the agenda for the public forums.  Please take a few minutes of your time to click on the link below and take this brief survey. Please click the link below to take this survey.  


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Request for Input

The Board of Selectmen is interested in receiving feedback on issues you feel are important.  Please call the First Selectman's office at (860) 379-8285 or send an e-mail to dstein@barkhamsted.us.

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