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Retired Veterans Tax Benefit


Retired Veterans Tax Benefit


With tax season upon us once again I wanted to take a minute to let you know about a change in the CT State tax code which may benefit retired Connecticut military personnel.

According to the non-partisan Office of Legislative Research: Public Act (PA) 15-244 fully exempts federally taxable military retirement pay from the state income tax. Prior law exempted 50% of this retirement pay. This exemption applies to Federal retirement pay for retired members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Army and Air National Guard and is applicable to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2015.

If you have questions about this exemption please consult a tax professional.

Please click for more information on this and other “Major Acts.”

Disclaimer – This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered tax planning advice. As such, it is not intended to substitute for proper tax, accounting or financial advice from professional financial or tax planners.

Children Entering Kindergarten in 2016


If you live in Barkhamsted and have a child who is eligible for Kindergarten for the 2016/2017 school year please call the school at 860-379-2729. Children must be 5 years old by December 31, 2016. Our 2016 budget process starts early and enrollment does impact our budget projections.


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The Town is in the process of updating its Plan of Conservation and Development, which must be completed by 2017.  As part of this activity, there will be public meetings to review related topics; and a survey will be sent to residents to get their opinions on how they envision the future of the Town.  We have also set up a webpage that will keep you updated on our progress on this important initiative.  Please click here to go to that webpage.  

As a first step, we have put together a preliminary survey to gather residents' opinions on the Town.This will help us set the agenda for the public forums.  Please take a few minutes of your time to click on the link below and take this brief survey. Please click the link below to take this survey.  


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The Board of Selectmen is interested in receiving feedback on issues you feel are important.  Please call the First Selectman's office at (860) 379-8285 or send an e-mail to dstein@barkhamsted.us.

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